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Top 10 AI Search Agent
by Zain Kahn.



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  • Local Doc Q&A Chat Sessions
  • Upload & Chat History
  • Extract Key Sections
  • Secure, Private, Client-Side Server



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  • Multi-Doc Literature Review
  • Add Extra Context for Better Answers
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  • Connect Your Google Drive to Delv AI
  • Clustering & Knowledge Graphs
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Common Questions

What types of documents can Delv read?
Delv reads textual PDFs and TXT documents.
Can Delv read scanned (non-textual) PDFs?
No, not yet, Currently the ability to read scanned PDFs is a very rare feature, but we do plan to add that feature in the future.
Does Delv extract Qualitative Data or Quantitative Data?
Delv specializes in extracting Qualitative Data from your documents. Although Quantitative Data analysis will be coming in the future.
Can I query multiple documents at once?
Yes you can! Delv makes Literature Reviews quick and easy!
Can I search my own cloud database?
Yes! In fact, integrating Delv AI with your cloud drive is our specialty!
What field of research does Delv specialize in?
Delv is made to understand all fields of research! In fact, over time, Delv will actually continue to understand your research better (i.e. Delv keeps getting smarter!)
What is Delv's ideal use-case?
All of them! Students, Professors, Independent or Corporate Researches... All are welcome and catered to here!
Does Delv store my History?
Yes! For your convenience, Delv keeps a history of both the files you upload and the questions you ask of those files.
Is my data private?
Absolutely! We won't sell your info to anyone. And for more info, please check out our Privacy Policy
Can I export my Delv results?
Yes! You can export your results as a CSV file.
Any more questions?
Contact the team and we’ll respond ASAP.
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